Thursday, February 10, 2011

the one where I continue talking to myself out loud

Mailman crunched up steps, crunched to my little mail box, crunched back down the steps. I managed to shovel the back walkways, but not the front, in time for my husband to bring my daughter's things at 11:30 or so.

I'm sorry, dear Postal Carrier. I fully expect you to leave me a nasty note soon about how you are providing me a service, and I am risking your safety by being a lazy sot who hasn't shoveled her porch since the last snow.

I'd claim back pain, but only sleep hurts my back, not movement.

I think I'll make a list:

1. I went outside to help B unload his car with my winter coat unzipped, shed the coat inside, stood on the patio and waved goodbye when he got back into his emptied car just in my long-sleeved T-shirt. "Ah, that cold feels good," I said.

2. "You're crazy," he said.

3. "I'm menopausal," I said.

4. My daughter shared some of her weekend plans with me via MSN Messenger last night:

5. "There's a basketball game Saturday (pep band duty), and, oh a music thing Friday night in the cafetorium." (A young rock group called Obliged has been performing all over the county. They're making quite a name for themselves in this area. Still high school students. Passionate about their music. Models for the rest of the school.)


7. I mean, holy shit! The guitarist! And the drummer! My Girl is so envious of the drummer's skills, has been since he was in eighth-grade, she in sixth.

8. Young people following their bliss. What's more beautiful?

9. Nothing.

10. They aren't just examples for the high school kids for whom they'll play tomorrow night; they're examples for 50something women who need to embark on new adventures before it's too late.

11. Here - listen.

12. Todotoday:

13. Vacuum.

14. Mop bathroom and kitchen floors.

15. Start a load of girl's laundry (she can help later if she doesn't have a crushing amount of homework/studying).

16. Dash to store?

17. No, no time to dash to store.

18. Write that lovely person about that lovely graduate program.

19. Order transcripts.

20. B (my husband) laughs and says I am about graduate school the way he is about cars - I can't quite let go of the idea of reaching for a master's the way he can't quite let go of wanting the newest, most powerful, prettiest automobile. He is sorry I won't qualify for FAFSA since we're still married. I'm less worried today (after getting a statement in the mail) than I have been.

21. My head still hurts from yesterday's encounter with that pink font on the blog post about bad reviews.

22. The ache is not too bad.

23. A shower and a nice, cold glass of water should help

24. or maybe a few hours away from the computer.

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