Wednesday, February 16, 2011

posting on the fly

What does "on the fly" mean, anyway?

Today, it means that I have yet to get cleaned up but must be out the door in 40 minute to pick up a dear friend to take her to the eye doctor. From there, I'll skid over to the high school to pick up my daughter, will take her home, return to the eye clinic to pick up my friend and take her home.

My new printer/scanner/copier and I are having a battle of the brains.

The machine is winning.

I left my teenager at home alone last night to attend a local writers group meeting. The guest speaker was Sarah Wells. (I would link to some of her work if I had more time, but I don't, so there you go). Not only is she a stunning poet (Pushcart Prize winner), but she's a really nice, down-to-earth, open-hearted person.

Next Tuesday, I'll make the drive up to Ashland, Ohio, to attend a "brief" open house for Ashland University's creative writing MFA. It may not be worth the drive, but something will be worth the drive.

I just hope I don't get too lost.

The roads leading from here to Ashland are confusing. Drove partway there last summer to Gambier, Ohio, where our little high school marching band had band camp in August. Ashland is twice the distance to Gambier, but only two hours or so from here.

Committing to the open house is ....................

Consider each one of those periods above a reason for doing things, for opening up, stepping out of my old carcass into some new form that pretends it's Lizzie, but is really someone completely new.

I'll just trick myself into being brave even if I've never, ever been brave.

(Oh, that's not true. I've been brave enough. I've done things I dreaded that drained me, good things, even things for other people that were also for myself.)

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