Monday, August 8, 2011



birthday yesterday
today is an odd, crampy day. not literally

Girl is off to marching band rehearsal. "I'm going on a scavenger hunt for my harness," she said.

I shouldn't quote her any more here. Had a conversation during dinner at the MFA residency one of the first nights that made me think hard about ever quoting my kid here. I can't remember the content of the discussion, but the other person misunderstood something I said about this blog and was really upset that I would put my child's words here like ... whatever.

The residency was glorious.

I'm so tired, still, though not as tired today as I was yesterday and not as tired yesterday as I was Sunday.

My books should begin arriving today.

I'm going to start the "10-week poem" today. Should have started it yesterday. (It's a secret process)

Also going to work on another poetry assignment that is due the first week of class.

Need to make sure I am not leading a discussion the week the Girl and I go to Fort Leonard Wood to watch our beloved K graduate from basic training. I think it will be all right. I'll just let Mark know as soon as possible that although I'll be participating, of course (since it's required), I will also be driving cross-country at odd hours.....


I think my good friend Laura Moe is taking me to lunch for a belated birthday celebration today. It will be nice, though we won't have as much time to talk as we need. I need to hear about her trip to Arizona, want to share things I learned during the residency.

Even deleting the previous words and rewriting isn't going to make this post come out right or interesting.

So I'll stop.

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  1. I don't get why someone else should be upset about what you write on your blog. Your girl isn't upset about it and neither are you. That upset is that person's problem, not yours. Don't take it on!