Wednesday, May 16, 2012


Girl didn't tell me the drain was clogged after she took her shower this morning.

Had been slow
portents of hair rats growing in the pipes

oceans of hair rats
slimy, nude black tails
flicking across my Soft Scrub clean tub

The plunger does its job first
sucks out a clump of schmutz that's the exact size and shape of that rat I once saw in an alley in Texas in the neighborhood
a little too close to the train tracks

but I don't trust the plunger
it's too carefree

I take apart the outer bits and pieces of tub plumbing - the drain in the tub's body

the lead into the wall where the stopper is

is the true access to those tunnels of muck and hair mice

My auger is broken
though it works
if I work it right

it's just too difficult for me to shove and spin and twist, then watch it spit and fling where the black bit won't stay attached to the other black bit
bend in the pipe ridiculous and too sharp
like some bend in a terrible
mountain road

My knees sore on the hard floor despite the old towel I use for a cushion.

I will buy a new auger, the kind I can attach to my drill to make an electric auger.

I will be professional

This means Lowe's, that terrifying store where the employees all look official and competent but refuse to meet a desperate woman's eyes

when she is lost in the plumbing repair section.

I know what I want.

I've done this before.

I will churn through the bowels even though the drain is now draining more smoothly, the plunger did its job,

joyful job

a temporary fix, though.

My Girl will be home in less than an hour.

I will put the bathroom back together and wipe the rust stains and pipe rat droppings from the tub

bleach, baby, bleach

rubber gloves

yellow and new now soiled

I'll buy the auger a little later
soil my sore knees tomorrow

It's a beautiful day out there

there's a village of angry memories in my pipes

somewhere, someone is cutting down a tree

and I hear the ocean in my bathroom fan

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  1. I was there with you every "plunging", scratching,slimy moment and jubilant too with the free flowing drainage.
    Love the joys of ordinary things, thank you.