Thursday, May 31, 2012

the one where I wait

1. last band picnic for me forEVER is now over.

2. I like the sound of "ever" and "over" in the same line. it feels like a mouthful of "r"s, like strawberry candy or something.

3. I've been home for nearly two hours, but I can't seem to settle.

4. My Girl and a gaggle (I use this word a lot) of kids are going to the midnight showing of Snow White and the Huntsman. 

5. "Can I go?" I asked when she asked my permission.

6. "No! We're teenagers. Parents aren't ever allowed to come to the movies with us!"

7. "Just kidding, mama. I love you."

8. I can't get the scent of potato salad out of my head, but at least I didn't have to serve the meat.

9. I seem to be off meat.

10. can't even stand the thought of the beef in my own bolognese sauce.

11. it's a pity.

12. I need to write some marching band poems even if they don't have the heft of the dead parents poems that I was writing last term (and the term before).

13. the band is real life, is my life, is hilarious and sometimes not hilarious.

14. I adore the kids.

15. Have I mentioned that I love teenagers?

16. Since my kid won't be home until after 2 a.m....

17. ... I might drink some coffee

18. because I'd rather wait up than wake up from a deep sleep

19. though I don't really sleep that deeply any more

20. and I wish I could remember what I was dreaming just before I woke up this morning because it was rich, read, lush (kind of like spaghetti sauce, but it didn't involve food. I think it involved cabaret).

21. My feet hurt from standing behind the food table for such a long time.

22. I did a project for the boosters (I AM a booster. I feel like I have to keep reminding myself that I'm a booster, and if I'm doing a project for the boosters, I'm doing a project for me)

23. that made the new president aware that I have certain skills

24. that he does not have and that others don't have.

25. uh oh.

26. has something to do with my ability to piece things together creatively and competently using a computer.

27. he was a little disappointed that even though I can write, I cannot draw.

28. (two different skills, dude)

29. I think I'm going to have just as much trouble saying "no" to the new president as I did to the last president.

30. Sweet man

31. with a sweet wife.

32. I signed up for things - waffle batter, chaperoning, uniforms.

33. but I put a qualifier by my name - "if school allows"

34. there's probably a poem in that.

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  1. This made me smile. Love the listiness of it!