Thursday, May 2, 2013

a moment

I used to have a Wordpress blog called "Ordinary Moments." I still have it, but it's private now. Sometimes I miss it. I wrote there so easily, like I was sitting with a friend in my messy house sipping coffee, just talking. Here, I sometimes feel like I have to cover myself in a blanket in summer to hide my terrible flaws or amazing gifts.

I hope I get over this soon. Being skittish is exhausting even if I have my reasons.

A few minutes ago, I had an extraordinary ordinary moment. My daughter was using a newish website called vine (not linking) to create a video loop of herself playing a certain piano piece she's been working on for weeks. She plays it beautifully when she's live and not recording, but recording herself makes her nervous and she kept screwing up. At one point, a hilarious pseudo-expletive exploded from her mouth as her fingers screwed up, and the voice was like some kind of cartoon demon or something.

It was hilarious.

She sent that version of the video to her lovely friend who was on her way here with another lovely friend, a friend I love already for how much my kid likes him but hadn't yet met.

When the two friends knocked on the door of my cesspool of a house, I was laughing when I let them in because the girl was still playing this gorgeous piece and snarling in her demon voice. So her friend who hadn't yet met me got Mama Christy laughing so hard she(I) was bent double.

They are beautiful people, and even 10 minutes in their presence makes me feel as if I've learned something new, grown wings, gotten smarter.

I love moments like this and will miss them so much when my Girl is off at college. I know we'll have similar moments in the future, different ages, but still that wonderful energy that my child's friends always bring into my house whatever their ages.

But this age, older teens. God. I love them so much. I must figure out a way to work with them on my own terms. I will. I just hope I can make enough to pay my mortgage with whatever I end up doing.

And, hey, maybe I'll take in an exchange student or something. Of course with my luck, she'd decide for a year to join the marching band and I'd be a Band Booster mama all over again.

There. Done for now. I have a kitty to visit, and we are nearly out of red grapes.

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