Friday, May 17, 2013


A fresh sleeve of saltines
The last cup of coffee from the pot
A stack of poetry books on the living room floor that need shelving
Laundry unfolded
The word "fold" appeared about 1,187 times in my thesis manuscript
OK, that's an exaggeration
But it turned up a lot
and not in a good way,
sort of in an "I've run out of words that are kind of like 'fold' so I'm just going to keep folding myself over railings into plastic bubbles around trees, into drawers....."
I submitted my thesis and supporting materials to the Ashland MFA administrator last night
It's out of my hands now
I hope my committee chair and the third reader don't hate it
Neither has read any of the work I've done in the past almost two years
What have I done with my periods?
The punctuation mark, not the cycle
The cycle vanished three years ago or so


I have promised a friend that I will visit today or tomorrow
I want to help her with moving things
It's approaching noon
and I am still in my pajamas
Submitting the thesis and supporting materials
seems to have exhausted me
I don't know if I can get there today
I have to fold (!!)
and launder
and pick up the house
and buy cat food
and pay that bill
and exercise (I have to exercise)

This post has no purpose
and no conclusion

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