Tuesday, May 14, 2013

window writing

Girl at a friend's
I made a grocery run
tomorrow, I bake meatballs
Thursday I make sauce
tomorrow, I finish thesis introduction
whether I'm ready
or not
tomorrow evening, we attend
an awards ceremony
for seniors

(I am too fat for nice clothes
and too cheap to buy anything bigger)

Girl is receiving an art scholarship
also, 4.0 Club
something else
who knows?

This evening
my Girl and two friends
stood on my patio
talking before going off
to shop for a shirt

My yard guys were mowing
and edging and trimming
it sounded and smelled like

The kids told me
about the bad behavior
of a dear friend's father

I cringed

I have not
been an easy companion
for the past two weeks
stressed over introductions
and money
and pulling out of parties
and joining others

but I listen
to these not-quite-adults
talk about their families
and I understand
that my Girl
is one of the lucky ones
despite my clutter and messes
and tendency not to cook
when I'm studying

I love her friends
I want to adopt
all of them
but there's no way
I could afford
to put them through college


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