Thursday, January 19, 2017

I'm drowning out here in the middle of my self-made sea of distress

1. My niceness keeps backfiring on me. I hate hurting people, so I rewind try to be nice, be pleasant, compromise, give many benefits of the doubt, don't put me first even when I feel semi-threatened (which sounds ridiculous, but I don't care right now).

2. Just because someone else questions my "professed" Not going to worry about it. I know what I do, and this one thing can't ruin me unless I let it.

3. God. The election, the rancor, the vitriol, the madness, the failure of sanity and truth. I'm so tired today.

4. This night before the president-elect takes his oath to serve us (I wonder if he'll remember that we're now his bosses), I take a vow to allow myself to be a crusty, bitchy, outspoken old woman who stops with all the niceness because that niceness, that pathological need not to offend, is damaging.

5. Nice ≠ kind.